Failed Cheerleader’s Parents Go Wild by Suing the District

Well, Texas being Texas we have a reputation for being obsessed with High School Football and as a consequence spurt (I suppose) crazy high school cheerleader* stories. Anyone remember Wanda Holloway, the mother who hired a hitman to take out her daughter’s pom-pom rival?

While this current story isn’t as serious, it is still ridiculous and should give pause to aspiring ‘little league’ parents.

According to the story, aspiring cheerleader, Wycoda Fischer (another example of folks trying too hard with naming their children) tried out for the 6 spots on the JV squad. Well Ms. Fisher ended up ranked 7th and thus was not a ‘chosen one’. There is nothing to indicate that the tryout was rigged or unfair.

What did her parents do? Did they support her tryout and said ‘you’ll get ’em next time Wycoda!’? No, they did what any parents trying to instill ‘good Christian values in the heartland’ did, they took the matter to the school board who letting common sense win out rightfully rejected their appeal. Then the Fischers, seemingly out of options did what any other responsible parent would do,

At this point we are planning on going forward with a lawsuit

This came from the lawyer they hired to represent them, who also said the Fischers had no other options.

*a discussion on the viability and usefulness of cheerleading will have to be set aside for now


One Response to Failed Cheerleader’s Parents Go Wild by Suing the District

  1. healtheland says:

    If these people have the money to hire a lawyer, then they could have solved their problems by enrolling their daughters in one of the many “Christian academies” in Texas where the competition to make the cheerleading squad is probably not nearly as great. Oh yeah, and you get to go to a place where you are legally allowed to teach that evolution is a theory. Not saying that all Christians should put their kids in private schools, but it certainly looks like these folks need to.

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