México 0, Argentina 3, a truly Messi affair

FIFA Rankings:
México – 26
Argentina – 5

I would say those rankings are more than justified on the basis of Argentina’s thumping of El Tri. I would drop a Ya Merito on this game but it wasn’t that close (though the phrase could apply to the almost-goals by Guardado and Castillo). Once again Argentina impedes México from advancing in a tournament, what else is new? To be fair, the Argentines were the heavy favorites heading into this tournament  due to having their full squad (and not because the British Navy would be absent).

There is a silver lining for us El Tri and its fans: this current squad of youngsters can only get better. They have plenty of time until the 2010 World Cup, which coach Hugo Sánchez promised they’d win. Rising star Andres Guardado is heading to Spain and will hopefully gain some international seasoning there.

Some observations:

  • This just in, Lionel Messi is good and water is wet
  • Argentina midfielder Juan Román Riquelme is also good, and played the part of México’s punching bag quite admirably
  • Argentine forward Carlos Tévez showed us that when it comes to flopping, he and his countrymen are world-class. The Swiss make watches, the Argentines flop

Though this loss hurts (please I speak in a sport context), I will keep in mind that the Red Sox eventually took down the Yankees.


One Response to México 0, Argentina 3, a truly Messi affair

  1. markhazard says:

    Lionel Messi really is a phenomenal player, I’ve seen him play with FC Barcelona on numerous occasions and the way he plays is simply magic. One of the great things is that although he is undoubtedly a star he doesn’t behave like he is. I just hope he stays with Barça for a few years…

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