Woman glad her attempts to abort her child failed

“I tried twice to abort my baby – but I’m delighted I failed”

Caught the above story off Drudge a couple of weeks ago and was floored, perhaps more that it happened in the U.K., allegedly the most secular nation on the planet.

I’ll refrain from any commentary on the story, save for this: Thanks be to God that this little one did not go the route of the many children who are murdered in their mother’s womb. I’m also thankful that God illuminated this woman’s conscience enough to stop her from going through with this act and to give her an appreciation for the fact that she carried within her an actual human being and not a ‘potential’ human being.


3 Responses to Woman glad her attempts to abort her child failed

  1. kimba says:

    interesting story indeed….here’s another one about Gianna Jessen from many years ago but again is a great example of how God works according to HIS purpose:


  2. Jane Sanderson says:

    interesting story, indeed. and good for her.
    This does not, however, mean that abortion is never the correct choice.
    And the ‘abortion ticker’? Just disgusting.
    Comparing soldiers sent off to die by a lying criminal with abortion?
    Just disgusting.
    You may BELIEVE a fertilized egg is a child.
    But you cannot deny the grown man murdered in Iraq is a person.
    They’re not the same thing. Comparing them is distortion beyond belief.
    Using the war dead to prop up your unamerican anti-choice arguments?
    Just disgusting.

  3. Laz says:

    Thank you Jane for your well-reasoned and coherent comment.

    So Jane when would abortion be the ‘correct choice’? By the way, correct according to whom?

    Why is the ‘abortion ticker’ as you called it, disgusting? It’s a statement of fact, it’s presenting facts nothing more nothing less. Your reaction to it is an opinion, no?

    Yes I believe life begins at conception, but you have to realize that not all abortions involve merely a ‘fertilized egg’. Can you deny that in a partial birth abortion, a child loses his/her life?

    Why do you think Planned Parenthood discourages expectant mothers who go see them from getting an ultrasound? Is it a ‘fertilized egg’ when you can see a child in an ultrasound?

    “Unamerican”, now there Jane is a loaded word. What exactly is “American”? I prop up nothing, the ticker merely states a fact.

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