Racism in México

One of the most interesting ‘columns’ that I read on a somewhat frequent basis is “¡Ask a Mexican!” by Gustavo Arellano. Mr. Arellano fields questions regarding Mexican culture and his responses are somewhat humorous. Being Mexican I can relate with some of what the man is saying.

One of last week’s questions deals with Mexicans and Racism (click here to read it)

I thought Arellano’s response was interesting especially,

Modern-day Afro-Mexicans don’t encounter the type of oppression experienced by blacks in the United States. Really, the worst stings they suffer are mass-media depictions as Sambo-like caricatures—the best example remains Memín Pingüin, a beloved, virtuous comic-book character who looks like a gorilla with a hat.

While Mr. Arellano might be correct in his assessment, I wonder how the beloved (at least in México) Memín Pingüin would be welcomed here in the the ‘oppressive’ United States?

Can’t we all just see Sharpton and Jackson extending a warm welcome?


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