México holds off Ecuador

FIFA Rankings:
México – 26
Ecuador – 44

Yes, México did win the match 2-1, yet there is something about this team that makes one uneasy: the inability to deliver that knockout blow to a beaten opponent.

After Castillo’s goal, México had numerous chances to put the game away, Arce’s shots being the ones most fresh on my mind. Yet they let Ecuador slink around and take some pretty good shots on Oswaldo’s net. Ecuador was able to spend most of the 2nd half in México’s half of the field due to once again, El Tri’s infatuation with prevent defense.

As I have said before and any American football fan knows, prevent defense prevents you from winning. Once again, México did not lose the game after playing prevent for long stretches (Bravo’s goal secured El Tri‘s victory).

Other thoughts on the game:

  • Nery Castillo is really turning into that individual that México needed; he has the finishing ability that no Mexican striker seems to have since Luis ‘El Matador‘ Hernández. It’s a good thing Hugo stuck to his guns by bringing Castillo in.
  • I know Rafa Márquez has his lapses in the back line against Ecuador (remember the last friendly?) but I also know that El Kaiser is world-class, as evidenced by his play with Barcelona. The play leading up to Castillo’s score was a work of beauty. Rafa went all the way up the field from his position on the back line to deliver a pass that only the greats can pull off to Castillo, que viva El Capitan!
  • How about them super subs? I, of course, refer to Omar Bravo and Cuauhtémoc Blanco who combined to score El Tri‘s second goal. Who says Chivas and Águilas can’t get along? (yes I know Blanco is on his way to MLS)

México is going well and has momentum going into Wednesday’s matchup with a competent Chile squad.


    One Response to México holds off Ecuador

    1. venezuela07 says:

      Mexico is doing really well, and Nery Castillo is everyday getting close to a superstar status. Check out my blog for more on Nery (a bit too much actually!!)

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