México beats Brazil’s Junior Varsity, 2-0

FIFA Rankings:
Brazil – 3
México – 26

I know these rankings are skewed due to the absence of Brazil’s biggest stars (Kaká and Ronaldinho), as well as 3 of México’s “Europeos” (Salcido, Osorio and Pardo), but nonetheless as a Mexican I have to be happy about the outcome of tonight’s Copa América matchup.

We were out during the first half of this highly anticipated showdown so I missed the scoring, and was thoroughly shocked that México was up 2-0.

Some comments on the match itself (well the 2nd half which I saw in its entirety):

This was not Brazil’s best squad, yet they were having their way with the Mexican D in the 2nd half, small miracle Brazil didn’t score.

Memo Ochoa was stupendous at goal for México, he served as a human backstop to some pretty potent blasts.

I know I’ve asked this in a previous post but why is Gerardo Torrado still playing for El Tri? He commits way too many turnovers (not good for a midfielder), I’m pretty sure he’s related to Rex Grossman.

Nery Castillo performed brilliantly (per the first Mexican score) but he can’t be considered a top-flight striker when he

  • consistently misplays blatant scoring opportunities (he should have passed to Morales, then on another similar play, he should have kept the ball to shoot but he ended up passing to a Brazilian defender)
  • misses a wide open net after beating the keeper

Something else jumped out at me. Sitting on a 2-0 lead against Brazil is probably not the smart thing to do, though this time it worked out. When I’ve watched Argentina play and they get ahead like this they keep attacking and attacking, this is why they’re Argentina. I wish México would adopt a similar attitude.

Whether it’s fútbol or football, playing prevent defense prevents you from winning…


2 Responses to México beats Brazil’s Junior Varsity, 2-0

  1. Radamantis says:

    I don’t know if you agree, but I saw this mexican team playing with Ricardo Lavolpe’s strategy.

    Scoring two goals and then gettind defensive, just waiting for the best moment to counter-attack.

    And it worked perfectly.

    Mexico “B” (not only without Salcido, Osorio and Pardo, but also Guardado, Borgetti, Sánchez and even maybe Medina) played against Brazil “B” (for me there’s only the brazilian principal team then it’s all “B”, because brazilian player’s level is too high to say this was a Brazil “C” like some say) very well.

    I have the same opinion about Castillo than you. Hopefully he lost two great scoring opportuinites when the score was already 2-0 but I hope he doesn’t do the same stupid things in a match where Mexico will be losing…

    Great match to star the Copa América. I like watching younger players making a good match.

    Márquez was great, not to mention Ochoa.

    Pinto looked kind of nervous but hey, I think it was his firts match with mexican team…and against Brazil…

    Anyways, good mexican performance.

    Next match against Ecuador (I believe) and then Chili. We should have too much problems if we play like today, because even if this wasn’s brazilian best team, Brazil is Brazil…

  2. Laz says:

    I did see the counterattack more in the 2nd half due to Brazil’s constant offensive pressure.

    I didn’t catch the first half so I can’t say much about that, outside of the 2 scores 🙂

    Our national team has always been a puzzle has it not? Consistency is not something the boys are associated with (the Germans for example are consistent). Our countrymen play tough opponents tough and they seem to take the day off when playing ‘inferior’ competition (see the Gold Cup).
    That is just my impression right now.

    I hope they are able to take the momentum of this huge win to go deep into this tournament.

    Ochoa was excellent. Thanks for the comment!

    P.S. do you know why Torrado is still with El Tri?

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