Benny Feilhaber and Maxi Rodríguez, separated at birth?


Another do or die match, another loss by México in a very winnable situation. This time the stakes were a little higher (I suppose) than the match against Argentina in Germany 2006.

Playing the role of Maxi Rodríguez was American Benny Feilhaber who booted a beautiful shot over a diving Oswaldo Sánchez.

Like Rodríguez’ masterpiece, Feilhaber’s took the air of out of a scrappy Mexican squad who sought to take a match which was wide open.

The final score (USA 2, Mexico 1) was disappointing to this Mexican but not entirely unexpected, though in typical Tri fashion, they gave us hope only to take it back (Bofo could have changed that if he hadn’t paunched that shot not 8 feet in front of the American goal).

All in all, El Tri underachieved throughout this tournament yet found themselves in the final, and didn’t embarrass themselves, though Team USA still has their number.

To win Copa América we go!

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