Pável Pardo propels México to showdown with USA

FIFA rankings:
México: 26th
Guadeloupe: not recognized by FIFA because it is a French territory and thus part of the French Republic (it would be like Texas having a FIFA ranking)

Yet México once again fails to capitalize on numerous clear scoring chances. It’s a good thing interim captain Pável Pardo scored on that beautifully placed shot, otherwise this match might have gone into penalty kicks. I didn’t realize that El Tri had anyone that had this kind of shot in them, well then again there is this beaut from defender Carlos Salcido:

El Tri is missing a striker with killer instinct, a finisher like “El Matador” Luis Hernández. There were plenty of opportunities to score but it seems that none of the boys up front have that quality which Hernández possessed.

We’ll see how it goes on Sunday against the favored USA (nice whiff by Landon Donovan today..)


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