México survives Panamá

FIFA rankings:
México- 20th
Panamá – 60th

Yet, Panamá outplayed a more talented El Tri (on paper at least). Panamá should have won this match, had they been attacking and not sitting on the tie in the first half.

Thanks to the 1-0 victory, México avoids the ignominy of losing to the USA in the quarterfinals. At this point I’m not sure El Tri is as dominating as they have been in CONCACAF (See all 3 of their first round matches, pathetic is a good description).

I’m not sure what the problem is, though I can pinpoint one player who is a detriment to the team, Gerardo Torrado. My goodness, a midfielder is supposed to create and dish out crisp passes, but in tonight’s match I don’t think I saw Torrado make one dish to a teammate. Imagine a turnover-happy point guard without vision and you have Torrado.

Also, this game should have cemented Jared Borghetti’s worthlessness to El Tri. If FIFA gave out trophies for whining he’d go home with some hardware when this thing is said and done. How can a team have a striker who can’t create his own plays?

Just because he’s 6 feet tall (and thus towers over his teammates) doesn’t mean he should be starting, that goes for the almost equally incompetent ‘Maza‘ Rodríguez (6’3″).

It seems that the USA is the favorite going into the knockout rounds, too bad the average American sports fan is more obsessed with NFL off season practices.


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