Mexico self-destructs against Honduras

FIFA rankings:
Mexico – 20th
Honduras – 55th

Yet, on a sunny day at Giants Stadium, Mexico looked outmatched and really should have lost this one by more than one goal. Even before Cuauhtémoc Blanco was sent off for elbowing a rather promiscuous Honduran defender, Mexico was poised to lose this match (Blanco should have known better than that, everyone in the world of fútbol knows the man has a short fuse).

Blanco’s exit merely exacerbated the problem, how sad was it to see the normally artistic Tri resort to a hideous old school US longball with an outsized and outmatched Bravo running point?

The worst part of the match (besides the outcome) was the ineptitude of the Mexican D. My goodness, 2 of the guys (Osorio and Salcido) are fresh off championship seasons with their respective club teams (VfB Stuttgart and PSV Eindhoven), and they can’t anchor a solid effort against a country whose last World Cup appearance was in 1982?

Clearly, at this point the USA is the clear favorites to defend their Gold Cup title.


One Response to Mexico self-destructs against Honduras

  1. Radamantis says:

    Here’s a link to my blog to read my opinion (in spanish, by the way) about Hugo Sanchez’s “work” with mexican football team.

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