Shoddy Mexico edges Cuba

If not for a the mistake of Cuba’s geriatric goalkeeper, Mexico ties with an “inferior” Cuban squad. What is going on with El Tri? C’mon this is the one sport that Mexico is competitive at and they play like this?

Granted perhaps I fall into the trap discussed in the previous post, thinking that El Tri are world-beaters when in fact they are very beatable. It’s almost like they need to play perennial powers like Martinique to really show their stuff…

By the way, why is Gerardo Torrado still being called up to the national team?  Is it just me or is Andres Guardado the best player on the squad?


One Response to Shoddy Mexico edges Cuba

  1. neilaquino says:

    In response to a question you once asked of me, I was not born in Central America. I was born in Massachusetts. I’ve even got some Mayflower blood I’ve been told. The last name is a town in Italy between Rome and Naples that where St. Thomas Aquinas was from. That’s the non-Mayflower side of the family as you might guess.

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