So Mexico, England, and Spain are sitting at a bar…

Yes, I know and understand that last night’s Mexico’s 1-0 loss to Paraguay was only a friendly (Click here for a good recap). I know that Hugool is still getting a feel for his squad, as he mixes and matches with different combinations of players (I refuse to even bring up Saturday’s 4-0 shellacking of a depleted Iran for obvious reasons).

I also know that my earliest memories of El Tri involve the ’86 squad who could not master Paraguay either, though that affair on soccer’s biggest stage ended in a 1-1 draw and not an embarrassing 1-0 defeat at Mexican fútbol’s holiest site, Estadio Azteca.

Is Mexico’s faith in its brand of fútbol misplaced? In other words, does the country expect too much of the national team because of the perceived quality of the La Liga? If one stops to think about it, Mexico is not alone if this were the case. England and Spain both boast the best football/fútbol leagues in the world, yet when it comes to success on the national team level, the qualities of their respective leagues just does not add up.

To be fair, England at least won a World Cup in ’66. Spain, it seems, goes into every World Cup thinking they’re world-beaters only to fall flat in the knock-out stages. Mexico hasn’t made it to the quarterfinals in a World Cup not held in Mexico. These 3 countries have solid leagues so what’s the explanation?

Foreigners leaven the ranks of these nations’ leagues. It is foreigners who make these leagues exciting, without them these leagues would suffer in quality. Think of a Premiership without a Cristiano Ronaldo, or La Liga (Española) without a Ronaldinho, and finally La Liga (Mexicana) without South America All-Stars Pachuca.

C. Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are arguably their respective league’s best while Pachuca is the best team in the Mexican league.

Back to the game last night, I wonder if Mexico might be better served using Las Chivas de Guadalajara as El Tri?


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