UFC Saint on a “Rampage”

The first time I ran across the Ultimate Fighting Championship was way back in 1994. I was sitting there in High School Physics class when a classmate went on and on about some guy named Royce Gracie, an unassuming gent who became quite the legend by demonstrating that sinewy Brazilians can outfight brawlers of all nationalites.

Fast forward 13 years and now UFC is all the rage and the competition might even overshadow boxing, an archaic distraction that is fast becoming boring and bland. A fellow by the name of Chuck Liddell is the “face” of the sport and he’s all the rage.

Well on May 26 of this year, Liddell was beaten by someone named Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Jackson is the only man Liddell has not beaten (2 tries) during his illustrious career. Though I don’t follow the sport I developed an interest through an article I read about Liddell (in ESPN the magazine.)

Besides Jackson beating Liddell in 1 minute 53 seconds, there was another item of interest from their bout. “Rampage” claims to be a Christian (he has a cross sewn on his fighting drawers), yeah I thought the same thing: “How does one reconcile, ‘turn the other cheek’ with a profession whose goal is to beat the opponent into a bloody mess (or at least knock him out)?”

I guess I don’t have to have it figured out as long as “Rampage” does…


One Response to UFC Saint on a “Rampage”

  1. neilaquino says:

    Talk about something that shows a Rome-Like decline of the nation.

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