Rich Beggars*

I played Little League Baseball as a youth and enjoyed it immensely. When I can I try to catch the Little League World Series on TV, where else do you get a player’s favorite movie next to their batting average?

That being said, a recent phenomenon out here in suburbia has made me scratch my head.

Can’t really pinpoint when I started to see this but it’s been more prevalent as of late: Suburban kids and their well-off parents asking for everyone’s hard-earned money at busy intersections so they can travel for a youth sports (baseball/soccer/softball) tournament.

Saw this spectacle over the weekend and admittedly it made me kind of upset. This particular instance happened at the corner of Hwy 6 and FM 529, but I have witnessed others in Katy and surrounding areas. These aspiring Biggios needed some cash for a trip to Colorado and were out walking amongst the cars waiting at the red light.

What made this all the worse was that they were competing with the Houston Chronicle guy who was actually trying to earn a living. Basically you have these good people who live in cushy houses and drive nice cars (I make these 2 statements in comparison with most of the world) who have the gall to ask for money when there are people in real need out there, like the Chronicle guy.

Is this the right message to teach kids? To ask for more even though you already possess much? To beg for money instead of earning it?

Anyone witnessed this fatuitous fundraising?*

*I’m of course setting aside the fact that our political system operates the same way, but that’s another topic for another day


4 Responses to Rich Beggars*

  1. healtheland says:

    Ummm … the church that I grew up in had us doing the same thing. Nice, big church with a wealthy pastor too (the congregation of course wasn’t nearly so well off … mostly blue collar and low income folk). When I was a kid, they sent us out at intersections with soda cans asking people to drop their spare change into it, saying that it was to help the poor.

  2. Laz says:

    Churches do this too? Well I guess in the name of charity anything goes…

  3. neilaquino says:

    A lot of jobs are not good enough for some kids today.( I sound like my grandfather or something.)

    I was the one kid who not play little league. I was not big on a team concept. I think these kids should take off the cleats and go read a book.

  4. I used to live in Colorado Springs. In ’97, a private group found that the highway ramp beggars made an average of eight dollars per hour. I was a plumbing apprentice at the time making 7.50/hr. I should have gone to their squats and asked for money as the cost of living was too high for those of us who attempted to live in a “traditional” structure and hold down a full time job.

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