Jerry Falwell and the afterlife

Now that Jerry Falwell has passed from this dress rehearsal we call life into eternity, I must wonder about something.

I have a feeling that some who disliked him the most might secretly be wishing that there is a God who “has purposes and performs particular actions, who does one thing and not another…”

And this God who they might not believe in (but I assure you, HE IS) might punish Falwell for what in their eyes is the greatest sin. The “sin” of believing in the very same God who they wish might punish Falwell in the afterlife.


One Response to Jerry Falwell and the afterlife

  1. kimba says:

    very thought-provoking and quite true…i suppose this God would be the kind these people would define or create according to their specifications. as if The Creator could be confined to such limited ideas!

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