Move over Evian, here comes Holy Water!

The whole “holy water” thing has puzzled me since my youth when I attended Mass with my family. Never understood what made the moldy water in the fancy cistern “holy” and to this day as a follower of Christ I still haven’t found that clinching Biblical text that says certain water is “holy” because some human being “blessed” it.

Watching Nightline the other night, ran across this report: “A Sip of Salvation: Buy Holy Water by the Bottle”. Basically a gentleman by the name of Brian Germann is selling bottled “Holy Water”.

As if the bottled water industry unto itself wasn’t enough of a racket (remember Dennis Miller’s “The most abundant resource on earth” bit?), Mr. Germann is trying to pull an additional fast one on us.

One thing that jumped out at me in the report was that the local Catholic diocese wants no part of any of this (they must have run a D.U.H. test) because they consider it “simony”.  See?  The Catholic Church does get it right sometimes.

Another item of note is the source of the water’s “holiness”: a blessing by 2 priests (one Anglican, one Catholic). Why the Catholic Church doesn’t defrock one of their priests who is participating in “simony” is puzzling to say the least.

In closing, this is probably another example of the ‘theocracy’ that is allegedly forming here in the United States…

2 Responses to Move over Evian, here comes Holy Water!

  1. neilaquino says:

    You’re just grumpy because you did not think of bottled holy water first and you’re thiking of the money you’re missing out on.

  2. Laz says:

    Neil, you can read me like a book…

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