A succinct description of Austin, Texas

Having lived in Austin for 5 years (4 of them in school) I’m quite familiar with the unofficial motto of the city, “Keep Austin Weird”. For better or for worse, I probably did not contribute to this. In retrospect I probably did because perhaps “weird” in that city is not caring about keeping it weird.

Houston Chronicle columnist, Lisa Falkenberg, wrote a column and in it she relates her move from Austin to Houston.

In said column, she had this to say:

Austin gets really small after a while. There’s Prozac in the water, and people seem overly concerned with being weird. Houston, with all its imperfections, is real to me. I love this place.

How true is her assessment of Austin?



3 Responses to A succinct description of Austin, Texas

  1. kena says:

    all of the drones who wear the “keep austin weird” shirts are usually the people who dont give a flying flip about supporting local business. They shop at HEB, go to starbucks, eat at crappy chains like denny’s and outfit themselves at gap or abercrombie and fitch. their contribution to local business might be the 20 dollars that shelled out at tyler’s to buy these ridiculous shirts.

    i’ve met an inordinate number of annoying people in austin, many of whom, it would seem, go out of their way to be ‘unusual.’ but i’d rather have that and potential for everyday freedom of expression than everyone trying to consciously look the same and live the same life as they tend to do in large chunks of houston.

  2. neilaquino says:

    what strikes me about so-called liberal Austin is that much of it’s growth has come from being the seat of one of the most right-wing state governments in the nation. I guess the bike trails help them forget.

  3. Laz says:

    Very nice both of you… Thanks for the input!

    “the bike trails help them forget”

    Is Tyler’s the only place they sell these shirts? I saw a guy here in Houston wearing this shirt…

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