Patriotism, Ingredient One

According to Lewis, patriotism (as defined in the previous post) “contains many ingredients, of which many different blends are possible.”

First ingredient is the love of home, of the place we grew up. In this section, the Don quotes one of his favorite writers, GK Chesterton,

a man’s reasons for not wanting his country to be ruled by foreigners are very like his reasons for not wanting his house to be burned down; because he “could not even begin” to enumerate all the things he would miss

Lewis then correctly asserts (in my mind) that this kind of patriotism is “not in the least aggressive. It asks only to be let alone. It becomes militant only to protect what it loves.

Further down the page he says something quite poignant (within the context of this kind of patriotism) especially in these troubled times,

The last thing we want is to make everywhere else just like our own home. It would not be home unless it were different

I wonder how this fits in with the purposeful injection of American-style democracy in Iraq or the “accidental” spread of American pop culture (see McDonald’s, Baywatch, et al)  throughout most of the world.


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