Patriotism, an Introduction

PatriotismLove for or Devotion to one’s country
(Source: Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary)

Wanted to start a series on “Patriotism” for no particular reason. Well, the word has been employed by people on opposite sides of ‘patriotic issues’ such as the “War on Terror”.

Some say it’s bad to be patriotic because it leads to oppression others say that not being patriotic is seditious. Of course the definition and thus application of the word depends on which side of the issue you ask, this being a post-modern world and all.

Recently, I finished reading CS Lewis’ “The Four Loves” and he gives his perspective on “Patriotism”. Having fought for his country in World War I, he might know a thing or to about patriotism (at least based on the dictionary’s definition).

He defines it as “the love for one’s country” and wisely points out that “this love becomes a demon when it becomes a god.” Very true indeed, I will in the subsequent posts lay out the Don’s view on this now contentious word.

5 Responses to Patriotism, an Introduction

  1. neilaquino says:

    I’m more concerned with my service to people than to a country. I’m lucky to live in America–But I had nothing to do with being born in America.

  2. Laz says:

    Out of curiosity Neil, why do you consider yourself lucky to be born in America? (I’ll try not to play the role of the deconstructin’ Marxist prof in Paris, LOL)

  3. joep72 says:

    As a soldier, I view patriotism as being less about love for your country and more about loving your fellow man, countrymen or not. Of course your loyalty resides with America, but it is because America has and still does go further than any other nation on earth to provide to as many as possible the freedoms bestowed upon us by our Creator. So when I serve, it’s not America, but to ensure the blessings of liberty continue for Americans. How they use those blessings are up to them, but at least I did my part to give them an opportunity that they might otherwise not have had, Lord willing.


  4. Laz says:

    Thanks for the comment and for your service to our nation.

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