Will Simon go the way of Imus?

After boy band hopeful, Chris Richardson offered support to the victims of the killings at Virginia Tech, the camera suddenly shifted to Simon Cowell, who appeared to be rolling his eyes at Richardson’s heartfelt words.

I noticed it and told my wife, who did not see it.  It became obvious that Cowell rolled his eyes because later in the broadcast he said some words of condolence.  One of the producers probably caught his initial gesture and probably suggested that it’d be best to offer up some words so it his eye-rolling wouldn’t look bad.

We’ll see if Cowell gets skewered in the court of public opinion and if it leads to some action by Fox.


3 Responses to Will Simon go the way of Imus?

  1. BC says:

    Rolling one’s eyes is a form of singing, haven’t you heard?

    Seriously, Chris Federlake needs to be sent off to rehab now, after exploiting the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre for sympathy votes.

  2. neilaquino says:

    I’m surprised you were watching American Idol because that show is mean. I won’t watch it. I watched the U.S. House on C-Span for a time today. You’re damn right that the District of Columbia should have a vote in Congress.

  3. Laz says:

    Well I think it’s just Cowell that’s mean, or rather he could be a bit nicer with his constructive criticism.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t know why I’m watching it (prolly entertainment value) it’s not like I go out and buy the albums that the contestants record. Though 2 of the current contestants are pretty amazing. I will most definitely re-evaluate why I’m watching this show.

    By the way, Cowell was not rolling his eyes at the VT shout out…

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