VTech Shooter Description Brings Back Memories

This from a New York Times story:

He was always really, really quiet and kind of weird, keeping to himself all the time,” he said. “Just of anti-social, didn’t talk to anybody. I tried to make conversation with him in August or so and he would just give one word answers and not try and carry on the conversation.”

He said it was a creepy quietness.

“I would notice a lot of times, I would come in the room and he would kind of be sitting at his desk, just staring at nothing,” he said.

This is a description of Cho Seung-Hui by one of his former roommates, one Joe Aust. As I read the article and more specifically this description, I was taken back to my freshman year at UT (that’s Texas to all you Tennessee pukes).

My potluck roommate (ES) fits the description to a tee. Picture for me a gangly 6’3″ guy with unconditioned long blond hair with a perpetual dour expression on his face (maybe because he was deep into Bad Religion). ES was always quiet and gave one word answers when I would ask him anything. Our one bonding moment was when we watched the OJ verdict together, touching.

He was also a Humanities major, though he was upset that they didn’t have an honest to goodness humanities program at Texas. An avid reader that one.

One major difference (besides murdering 32 people + himself) between Cho and ES is that the latter would lay in his pullout bed/couch thing during the middle of the day and stare at the couch backing and pick at it (as opposed to staring at nothing). Like some sort of chicken pecking for grub.

His parents were divorced which I’m sure had nothing to do with how he was, at least if we are to believe the drivel that asks us to embrace divorce and to celebrate it with parties.

Creepy. Quietness. I wonder what set Cho off but kept ES under control?


One Response to VTech Shooter Description Brings Back Memories

  1. neilaquino says:

    I’ve got a Bad Religion vinyl album. I’ve not heard it in 20 years. Maybe I should dig it up.

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