Politicizing a Tragedy, Episode 1138

Predictably enough, the aftermath of the tragedy at Virginia Tech was followed by more than grief and mourning.

Like sleazy lawyers following an ambulance, the gun lobby and the gun control lobby raced behind this infamia to advance their particular causes.

The gun lobby made its case that if only more people were armed this wouldn’t have happened, whereas their fellows (they’re more similar than either side would like to admit) screamed bloody murder that if only gun control laws were stricter the shooter would not have been able to buy a gun.

It is sad that this endless bickering can’t be postponed at least until after the services for the people who lost their lives.  Another reminder that some groups care more about their agendas than people, there’s that whole fallen world thing again.

[to my brothers and sisters, have you been asked (perhaps sarcastically) why “God did this” or “why God let this happen”?  If so, what did you say in response?]


2 Responses to Politicizing a Tragedy, Episode 1138

  1. freevolition says:

    In response to your question at the end of your blog, I say because God is not a puppet master orchestrating a puppet show. The only love He wants is that which is freely given through our own free will. Most of the misery on earth is caused by man’s own bad decisions and/or evil intentions. Some may then bring up the death and destruction caused by natural disasters. Firstly, one must use some common sense and not build their home on the side of a volcano or in a city that is situated below sea level and protected only by antiquated levies and pumping systems (bad decisions). Secondly, all physical death is certain (unless the rapture were to occur or with a few exceptions mentioned in the Scriptures). Physical death is NOT a disaster unless the individual had reached the age of God-consciousness and has refused to accept Christ as the Savior prior to their physical death.

  2. Laz says:

    Thanks for the reply Free, haven’t seen you in a while.

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