Don’t like Rosie? Don’t DeLay, take her down!

Spurred on by what happened to Imus, Former Republican Congressman Tom DeLay wrote a column titled: If the Left Takes Imus, We’ll Take Rosie.”

The title is confusing. As far as I understand, Imus is on ‘the Left’ so if they ‘took’ him then they’re taking one of their own. I don’t think Rosie is on ‘the Right’. What is this, some sort of political prisoner exchange?

Ok, so the premise of the column is that ‘we’ (conservatives, presumably) need to picket and demand that Rosie O’Donnell be kicked off The View” for the various insensitive and irrational comments she has made on that show. Her attempt to speak pseudo-Chinese was not cool at all, it’s a good thing for her that the Asian-American community doesn’t have their version of Sharpton and Jackson.

I like the “We’ll take” part. We? This is the same trap which the Sharptons, Nagins, Coulters, and Jacksons of the world fall into: that it’s Us vs. Them. Tom, Tom, Tom you should know better than that and you can take Rosie if you want.


2 Responses to Don’t like Rosie? Don’t DeLay, take her down!

  1. neilaquino says:

    You’d be better off walking your dog or polishing your shoes than reading Tom Delay. What about that Howard Zinn book you were reading?

  2. Laz says:

    LOL, thanks for the laugh Neil. I didn’t quite get DeLay’s point in the column. I finished Zinn’s book, and I was planning to write up a review (for whatever that’s worth) when I had a bit more time.

    I can honestly say I enjoyed Zinn’s style, it took me back to my angry college days at Texas and some of my Socialist profs. I appreciated that he came out and said that he’s not objective, at least he admits it.

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