Who is Imus?

I had never heard of this man until some years ago when I watched Howard Stern’s biopic, “Private Parts” (don’t ask).

Before this mess Imus finds himself in, my only knowledge of the man was that scene in “Private Parts” where he wants nothing to do with WNBC newcomer, Stern.

As far as what the insult he used to describe the Rutgers’ athletes, I’ve heard women called worse things in rap songs and it seems no one (save Byron Hurt) dares to say anything about it [Why isn’t the Al Sharpton asking Chris Rock why he “hates all of ya’ll [white people]” or asking Snoop about the way his “art” portrays black women?]

There’s something about racial double standards that drives me up the wall. Whether it’s the flippant use of the “n-word” by blacks or white sportscasters dropping “well-spoken” exclusively on black athletes, double standards seem a bit off…

Click here to read Dr. Mike Adams’ take on this situation.


4 Responses to Who is Imus?

  1. Belinda says:

    Sorry, but this is the same old adage the republicans use . . . “well what we did was wrong, but look what they’re doing.” HUH?? So because others have said it, that makes what Imus said okay?? Uh – NO, it doesn’t. It doesn’t make it right that the others said it either. It may be the same idea that I can criticize my family members, but I won’t sit still while you do it.

  2. Laz says:

    Belinda, where have you been? It’s been a while.

    You misunderstand me, Imus shouldn’t have said what he said (though he is within his right). Whether other folk make racist comments does not lessen the impact of his words, please understand that.

    My question is simply, where is Sharpton and Jackson for that matter, when Rock states in his routine that he doesn’t have time to dice white people up into little groups, he hates all of them?

    In the same vein, is Jesse Jackson now going to make his way back to North Carolina to decry how the civil rights of the exonerated Duke lacrosse players were violated? Isn’t he a champion of civil rights? He was quick to go down there when the story broke and cry racism as well as slam these 3 kids. Or does his fight for civil rights only extend to his own race?

    Why the double standards, Belinda, this is simply what I’m asking… I suppose it can be expected in a fallen world like the one we live in.

    by the way I’m not Republican, if you have a problem with their “old adage” take it up with one of them…

  3. neilaquino says:

    The issue is not the behavior of other people. It is the behavior of Mr. Imus. That stuff he said was terrible. He needs to go.

  4. Laz says:

    Agreed Neil, yet some accountability is needed for some of our favorite demagogues no? I don’t care if it’s Al, Jesse, Ann, or Rosie.

    By the way, should all rappers who use the same words Imus used be released from their contracts?

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