Rafa Márquez sets his priorities

Barcelona star and Mexican National Team (El Tri) Captain, Rafael Márquez, has announced that his commitment to his club takes priority over his commitment to his country. According to this story this is what he said:

“I have spoken to the coach (Mexico’s Hugo Sanchez) and Barcelona is my priority.

Wow… Is he purposefully trying to antagonize the entire country? Mexicans take great pride when one of our own goes to Europe to play in the great leagues there. Our chests burst with pride especially when said players make a name for themselves, as Márquez has done with Barcelona. (Why we take pride in the accomplishments of total strangers I do not know and is a topic for another day, but somehow it might have to do with our national inferiority complex.)

These comments (fair or not) will be magnified in Mexico and probably seen as a slap in the face, thus making Márquez persona non grata over there. Who would take El Tri’s captaincy in Márquez’ absence? I nominate the previously blogged-about “El Bofo”.

Oh well I guess Rafa can always hang his hat on beating Bill Gates at his own game and winning “La Champions.”


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