Ignorance, example #768491

This from a USA Today story featuring Florida’s Joakim Noah’s strained relationship with his famous father Yannick Noah:

Father-son conflict is at the root of much classical mythology and religious tradition. Zeus, father figure of the Olympian gods, overthrew his father, Cronus, who had in turn castrated his father, Uranus; Abraham nearly slew Isaac; the central story of Christianity is of God the father sacrificing his only son for the sins of mankind.

The writer (Erik Brady) is correct regarding the classical mythology examples, but “father-son conflict” was not the root of 1) Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac (God was testing Abraham’s faith) or 2) God the Father’s reason for sending His Son Jesus into the world (a cursory reading of John 3:16 will prove otherwise).

I understand Mr. Brady is no theologian but goodness, does this reflect most people’s ignorance when it comes to Christianity? Of course this might betray the lack of effort on the part of Christians to share the Gospel.

Even more perplexing is the comment made by one of Noah’s professors, Amy Glenn, in the piece:

Such stories represent “a motif that appears across times and cultures,” says Amy Glenn, who teaches Joakim’s favorite courses. The stories “are about the transference of power and prestige and about finding yourself.”

Yes, God the Son taking on human form was about “the transference of power and prestige and about finding [Himself]”. WOW…

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