Gators crush Buckeyes Part Deux

This is getting old. Did not watch the game save for a few moments, but the story played out in the BCS title game repeats once more as the Florida Gators assert their dominance in NCAA athletics.

As the game wound down and the outcome was no longer in doubt, the camera went to the stands to focus on Florida star Joakim Noah’s parents [Tennis great Yannick Noah and former Miss Sweden, Cécilia Rodhe.] It was kind of sad to see these 2 proud parents separately celebrate the achievements of one of their children. Divorce is truly an ugly thing.

After the game, as Joakim ran into the stands seeking his mother, I was reminded of an old Bill Cosby skit, in which he laments that throughout an athlete’s life (in an ideal world) the father is the one who puts in the time to teach his child the sport. Only to have said child, at the pinnacle of stardom, look into the camera and give a shout out to his mom. The skit is below:


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