Segregation in Katy?

Once again, my hometown makes some local news, for perhaps the wrong reasons:

March 29, 2007, 8:32AM
Katy school separates races for TAKS assemblies

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Administrators at a Katy school are facing criticism from parents after holding separate assemblies for black, white and Hispanic students to address low scores on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test.

The assemblies at Mayde Creek High were held for ninth- and 10th-grade students of different ethnicities to discuss steps to boost scores on the state-required test, said district spokesman Steve Stanford. He said only students at risk because of their scores were called to the meetings, and that no negative message was intended.

“The purpose was to encourage and to help at-risk students,” Stanford said.

But Amber Queen, whose son is in the ninth grade, disagreed with the decision.

“I would think that they would bring all kids and talk to them at once,” she said.

School principal O.D. Tompkins, who is black, decided to hold the sessions, Stanford said. He said test scores at Mayde Creek have lagged, and a higher proportion of students are at risk of failing the math and science portions than at some other district high schools.

The first meeting, held before spring break, assembled black students. The sessions for Hispanic and white students were held after spring break.

Tompkins didn’t consider it humiliating or discriminatory, Stanford said.

Kevin Tatum, co-founder of the Katy Citizen Watchdogs, which monitors school performance and spending, said he did not yet have all the facts. “But if they did separate by race, what was the point?” he asked.

Stanford said students were segregated because that’s how the state looks at and reports achievement. The separate assemblies apparently did not violate district rules, Stanford said.



3 Responses to Segregation in Katy?

  1. neilaquino says:

    I think they should have an assembly of teachers to ask when they will start doing a better job. Next would be an assembly of parents to ask when they will start doing a better job.

  2. Chris says:

    I don’t think it was meant to be segregationist or racist, but one has to wonder at the common sense of holding separate meetings given the hypersensitive nature of current race relations. While they probably had real reasons for the separate meetingd, they certainly were not thinking about how it would appear to “outsiders”. Public schools are under a lot of pressure and it ceratinly doesn’t help them when they make a goof up like this.

  3. 92' KHS Grad says:

    “given the hypersensitive nature of current race relations.”… sad commentary on Katy. I left as soon as I graduated high school to get away from the self-righteous, racist mindset. There were plenty non-racists there who did not make public thier dissaproval of the status quo. I’m surprised that, given how much Katy has grown and how much more diversity exists now, things have remained the same.

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