Eunuchs for Pro-Choice!!!

Odd story coming out of North Carolina. Apparently 3 men where convicted of “felony castration without malice and felony maiming without malice” for castrating 6 men, who by the way consented to the ,um, procedure.

What was stunning to me was what the 6 eunuchs said, “The six men castrated in a sadomasochistic dungeon fashioned from an enclosed carport all told prosecutors they saw no need for criminal charges.”

Yet the men who castrated them were charged and indicted for doing something which the “patients” freely chose to have done to them.

It would be interesting if the pro-choice crowd came to the defense of the 3 felons. After all the 6 eunuchs CHOSE to have it done to them. It’s their bodies, who is the government to say what they can or cannot do with their own bodies.

Isn’t this the argument for women to legally have abortions? The 6 eunuchs are consenting adults are they not? It’s not like they’re babies who have no say if their lives will be terminated (by a suction device or a syringe-full of saline) on the whims of another.

Pro-choicers here’s your chance to shine, go get ’em!


One Response to Eunuchs for Pro-Choice!!!

  1. Ryan Cornett says:

    Fantastic post! Wow. Keep it up,

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