Iran gives two thumbs down to “300”

Most people don’t realize that Persia is synonymous with Iran, maybe not culturally but definitely ethnically (Iranians are not Arabs by the way, they’re Aryan). I recall in high school there was a guy who said he was Persian but nobody knew where he was from. My guess is that he was ashamed of what his country had become after the revolution of ’79.

In the latest blockbuster, “300”, to emanate from Hollywood a band of fierce, war-like Spartans (300 to be exact, imagine that) is pitted against the mighty Persian army in the Battle of Thermopylae. The flick takes some liberties with the historical record, not something unheard of in Hollywood.

Well apparently the Iranian government (which by the way bears little resemblance to the Persian Empire) has taken offense to this film because of its depiction of the Persian Army (which I understand are taken as a bloodthirsty horde from the top on down).

This from Iranian cultural adviser, Javad Shangari, describes “300”:

part of a comprehensive U.S. psychological warfare aimed at Iranian culture

The Iranian press (Iranian daily Ayandeh-No) also chimed in:

Hollywood declares war on Iranians

I have not seen the movie but can anyone who has attest to its violent anti-Iranianism?


4 Responses to Iran gives two thumbs down to “300”

  1. Having seen the film, I can understand why Iranians would react this way. It is rather insulting to the Persian empire…especially the scenes at Xerxes’ camp when he convinces the hunchback to turn against the Spartans. I don’t think the makers of the film were specifically promoting anti-Persian or anti-Iranian sentiment, they simply wanted to make the villians over-the-top just like everything else in the film (as is standard with comic-book movie and action-film lore). The villians just happen to be Persian…and modern Iranians just happen to be hypersensitive. I can understand their misplaced outrage.

  2. PB and J says:

    you are right about iranians being aryan, thats why they changed their countries name because they were scared of hitler. (iran means aryan)

    as far as them being upset about the film, that’s pretty silly cuz they are bloodthirsty. just look at the last few months. or read the speechs of their president. or look at their political situation since the 70’s.


  3. Where are 300 Spartans when you need them?

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