CS Lewis describes one of my uncles

During my wedding, my best man gave a moving speech. He outlined how our lives had intersected and how God had brought the both of us into His fold after years of avoiding Him. He literally brought himself to tears during his speech, bless him for that.

I don’t have a blood brother, but since 1995 I have counted him as one. On top of that (as of 2003) we are brothers in Christ, the only thing that really matters. The Lord has surely enriched our relationship.

I’m currently reading “The Four Loves” by CS Lewis and currently I’m in the chapter titled “Friendship.” Lewis describes “Friendship” as a type of love but one that is not really understood by modern society. For example:

It has actually become necessary in our time to rebut the theory that every firm and serious friendship is really homosexual

This is one misunderstanding of modern culture, that just because there exists a love between 2 men or 2 women it automatically means there’s homosexual undertones. Of course in some cases this could be true, but not in all (certainly not in our case above).

Further on, Lewis says this:

Those who cannot conceive Friendship as a substantive love but only as a disguise or elaboration of Eros betray the fact that they have never had a Friend

The day after the wedding, an uncle of mine who was there made a crass comment about my best man’s speech. He insinuated what Lewis talked about in the first quote. I remember that I wanted to retort in a very un-Christian-like manner, but thankfully I did not. I only stated the truth that we were very close friends.

After reading Lewis’ 2nd quote today, I understood my uncle’s confusion a little better, for he probably never had a Friend.


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