Of Carbon Offsets and Ronald McDonald

Ate lunch at McDonald’s today. Why a McDonald’s is found on the first floor of a hospital, which houses “The Texas Heart Institute”, I don’ t know but I can only $peculate.

I know the food there is utter poison but boy don’t it taste good? As a way to assuage my guilt for visiting this deathtrap, I walked down 5 flights of stairs to go there. Then after picking up my “meal” I climbed the same 5 flights back.

Is this situation similar to when people buy carbon offsets? Is this as ineffective as my tactic of “burning them calories” by taking the stairs?

I know one of my favorite bands, Pearl Jam, bought carbon offsets to balance out the climate effects of their 2006 tour. Does this really work or is it just wishful thinking?


2 Responses to Of Carbon Offsets and Ronald McDonald

  1. ggwfung says:

    yeah, I just walk straight past the golden arches – not a second look. kfc gets the same treatment too. bad for kids, bad for adults.


  2. neilaquino says:

    McDonalds is another example, like porn for sale in hotel rooms,of the free market at work. You got a problem with free markets?

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