What Uncles are not for…

Chris Rock once said, “Uncles prepare you for life.” This carries over into Mexican culture, where ‘tios’ [uncles] teach you all the things that your dad was too embarrassed to speak to you about, or at least that’s the sentiment. Your uncle views you more like a drinking buddy than your dad does, this I know from past experience.

Hopefully your uncles wait until you are of age to partake in some of these rituals. This cannot be said of the uncle in this story, who “taught” his young nephews (2 and 5) to smoke pot.

Of course if marijuana is as safe as the “legalization lobby” keeps telling us, then what’s wrong with toddlers smoking it?

The article doesn’t state where the children’s mother was, but the local news reported that she was “asleep in the other room.”

Is there anyone who does not see anything wrong with the actions taken by this uncle?


2 Responses to What Uncles are not for…

  1. So wrong on so many levels.

  2. neilaquino says:

    I am trying to get my nephews and nieces to listen to Motorhead. That has not worked out so far.

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