Antonella Barba, a Clarion Call to us all

I attended the University of Texas at Austin between 1995-1999 (yes I did graduate.) My time there was not all well-spent. Certain excesses were taken (most notably alcohol) and there are some moments I’d just as soon forget. These embarrassing moments live in memories now and perhaps a few scattered photographs to be found either in my possession or the possession of a handful of trusted comrades-in-arms.

The current “scandal” involving one of the American Idol contestants (Antonella Barba) reminded me of my college years. It seems that certain pictures have come to light in which Barba is scantily-clad or in the midst of sexual acts (the really graphic ones aren’t really her or so claim her friends). Apparently this type of behavior is common practice among today’s young adults (especially college-age women like Ms. Barba).

She took these pictures with friends and probably had friends take them (quite possibly in moments of inebriation, who knows?). Scores of these types of pictures are to be found throughout the numerous social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc) according to the above article.

My question(s): Do these gals not realize that these pics are out there for the whole world to see? Do they even care? Maybe that’s what they want, to be seen in the light in which they portray themselves in these shots. Who knows?

I for one am thankful that the “digital age” was not in full force when I was doing stupid stuff in college. Who needs visual reminders of such fruitless times?

In future Presidential elections are we going to have candidates who are embarrassed by pictures of their indulgent youth? (see “The Contender”) The mere mention of drug use can hurt a candidate’s chances can you imagine if an actual pic surfaces in which one of them is doing some lines?

Maybe we’ll see a cultural shift and people will not regard such pictures to be that big of a deal (of course except when it’s one’s own daughter). Here are some tips when it comes to putting oneself out there in cyberspace.

I also realize that a certain double standard exists, for sexually-slanted pics of males might actually boost their popularity or not affect it in any way. Well I guess Paris Hilton’s popularity skyrocketed after certain disclosures. Somehow I don’ t think she’ll be running for President in the future though.

In this particular case, this might help Antonella since the Idol voting is viewer-driven and there will be a lot of teenage boys who will be voting for her, despite of her subpar singing.



One Response to Antonella Barba, a Clarion Call to us all

  1. jasonk says:

    I saw these pictures last night, and was pretty shocked at the ones that are indisputably her. When I showed them to my wife, she thought they really weren’t that bad. When I asked what she would think if it was HER daughter in the pictures, she said she wouldn’t think they were okay.
    In my opinion, it isn’t going to matter–she’ll get booted off the show anyway, because she can’t sing. But she will be a great candidate for Playboy’s “The Girls of American Idol.”

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