Byron Hurt’s Hip-Hop Documentary

Byron Hurt is a former college football player who was (is?) a huge fan of hip-hop. Upon closer examination of the content of the genre and the images (and stereotypes) of black males it portrays upon its audience, he started asking questions. Hard questions.

His documentary, “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes”, aired on PBS last night. I had never heard of it but managed (by, ahem, chance) to catch it while channel surfing. Needless to say the piece was eye-opening.

From Busta Rhymes evading the ‘homophobia in hip-hop’ question to the President of BET walking away from Hurt’s inquiry about the nature of the videos played on his station, Hurt exposed some issues within this community.

Anyone else watch it?


5 Responses to Byron Hurt’s Hip-Hop Documentary

  1. Sonia Dack says:

    didn’t see it but looks like he made a point.
    thats what i like about people that do things like that, they go out and state what they think should change or whatever

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    Don’t you agree?

  3. t-luv says:

    I saw the documentary and I thought it was a great beginning. There are a lot of people who have said and still are saying that hip hop is dead and it’s like we are watching or waiting for the ultimate death of hip hop. I think Byron asked the questions many of us are asking .. why is hip hop celebrating drug selling, materialism, violence and the total lack of value for women?
    Byron was on NPR a radio station I love ..and I told him I couldn’t wait to see the show and I also love hip hop but believe that folks should challenge this new movement of hip hop.

  4. Lynda says:

    I saw the documentary at a showing in a theatre near my hometown with my highschool classmates and it actually made me cry. I got to meet Byron Hurt nd it was so comforting to see an intelligent black male who is willing to go against the grain and ask such hard hitting questions as he did in the movie. I let him know how moved and touched I was by his documentary and he was very appreciative to hear such great feedback from a young African American and Hispanic female. I just hope that other African Americans and Hispanics can follow his lead….

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