Chester Cheetah goes Ape

I’d heard of lions and leopards mauling people to death but this story from Belgium introduces cheetahs as capable taking on this role.

Granted, this happened in a zoo where a misguided woman snuck into the cheetah enclosure and predictably enough (but not to her) she was attacked and killed by the animals.

The zoo spokesperson provides us with a puzzling quote: “Karen [the deceased] loved animals. Unfortunately the cheetahs betrayed her trust.” Huh?

Well the story does explain that one of the cheetahs, Bongo, was adopted by Karen Aerts (she bought Bongo his food). How dare Bongo attack his benefactor? How dare he do what comes naturally to a cheetah when confronted by a weaponless human being?

Maybe Karen was just looking for a little gratitude…

2 Responses to Chester Cheetah goes Ape

  1. freevolition says:

    Like I’ve mentioned here elsewhere, stupidity should be against the law. *Hoping you can see my tongue in cheek*

    One of the reasons I enjoy visiting your blog, Laz, is that you have such interesting posts and informative links.

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