Is Ron Popeil a consultant for TBN?


Every year during the frenzy that is Super Bowl Media Day, media types scramble around to get interviews and soundbytes, not to mention ask stupid questions of the participants of said game.

Every year former Houston Oilers tight end, Mike Barber, goes there on behalf of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) to interview devoted Christians who are participating in the Big Game. Well here I am, Friday night and lo and behold there is Barber along with Craig Bradshaw (yes, Terry’s brother) on TBN.

The show consists of showing interviews that Barber or another reporter conducted with several of the Bears and Colts who are Christians. It’s neat to see some of these guys on the sport’s biggest stage talking about their faith in Christ. It was especially awesome to see Bears WR Mushin Muhammad talk about the primacy of Christ. A guy named Muhammad talking about the primacy of Christ, awesome…

The in studio part of the show with Bradshaw and Barber plays like an infomercial. In fact most stuff on TBN and its little brother, Daystar plays like an infomercial. I almost expected Cousin Arnold to pop out and start peddling 20 different kinds of knives.


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