Hilton Koch buys Houston Comets

Any Houstonian is familiar with Hilton Koch. He’s a local furniture guy who (surprise!) goes out of his way to sell furniture in zany TV Ads (watch them here, “And that’s a fact Jack!”). Not all furniture guys resort to these type of tactics (see Robert Finger,whose ads are as entertaining as watching paint dry.)

Anyway, Hilton is a beauty, he demonstrates his price cutting ways by using a chainsaw to hack mattresses. He even has his little boy demonstrate with a toy chainsaw, classic salesmanship. By the way Mr. Hilton Koch named his daughter Paris, cute huh?

Koch is a brilliant businessman and has made a name for himself locally for his charitable activities. In fact, that was his reason for buying the local WNBA team, the Houston Comets.

The No. 1 reason for me to be involved with the WNBA and the Houston Comets is to give back to the community.

Good for him I say as he joins the ranks of sports franchise owners. Mattress Mac, are you going to one-up him?


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