“*Bleep* Save the Queen”

This would be the ‘new and improved’ title of the national anthem of the UK if left up to an editor at Jaguar Distribution.

What am I talking about? It appears that in-flight versions of the movie, “The Queen”, delivered to Delta Airlines and New Zealand Air were censored. According to this story, censorship of in-flight movies is common fare, for the kids’ sake of course. What makes this particular censorship unique (at least here in the States, Delta is a US carrier) is one word that was censored. What word you ask? “God”.

Yep, that’s right, the “G-word” joins other luminaries like nudity, the f-bomb, and the n-bomb in the censorship pantheon. The censorship was due to an “verzealous [sic] and inexperienced employee” at Jaguar Distribution. That’s refreshing because people normally use the word ‘zealous’ or any of its relatives to describe people who would not find “God” offensive.

The memorable quote of the piece comes from a lawyer (who else?):

Eric Johnston, an attorney with the Southeastern Law Institute in Birmingham, Ala., told the Birmingham News that airlines, similar to some retail businesses, have a diverse customer base and don’t want to offend anyone.

Classic, so you want to avoid offending people and thus bleep out “God”. Never mind that in the USA more people are offended by the very act meant not to offend.


3 Responses to “*Bleep* Save the Queen”

  1. freevolition says:

    As you’ve mentioned before, Laz,(but it certainly bears repeating) common sense is usually the first casualty of emotionalism.

  2. neilaquino says:

    To an aging punk rocker like myself “God Save the Queen” is a Sex Pistols song.

  3. Laz says:

    Though I am not an ‘aging punk rocker’ I also associated that phrase with the Pistols.

    It wasn’t until I watched the World Cup and heard the words coming out of Beckham’s lips as he sang his national anthem that I realized it was their national song…

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