Tom Brady is human, after all…

I had no doubt in my mind that Tom Brady was going to drive his team down the field and break Peyton Manning’s heart once more. Come now, Tom Brady the man who has cemented a reputation for clutch performances, of course he can thank the ‘tuck rule’ for jump starting his legend. This guy is so clutch, Vince Young can take some lessons from him (as a UT grad, that takes a lot for me to say).

A man notorious for coming between Payton Manning and his date with destiny. Didn’t happen. To the shock of the civilized world, Brady threw a pick that ended the game and sent the Colts to the Big Game.

Hey don’t blame me for having so much faith on the guy, even Manning thought Brady was going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Did you see his body language as he sat on the sideline? Head down, possibly praying that Brady would go Manning and kill his team’s chances.

Well congrats to Manning for finally getting a shot at a title, now he has to win it to avoid the Marino comparisons. Also congrats to Indy coach Tony Dungy who lost his son before the season started, yet because of his faith in Jesus Christ was able to be an example to others going through similar trials.


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