What can a Weatherman tell us about “Global Warming”?

Heidi Cullen, a climatologist with the Weather Channel, recently made some controversial statements. Mainly that TV weathermen who didn’t buy into “predictions of man made catastrophic global warming” should be stripped of their AMS (American Meteorological Society) certification.

Click here to read one TV weatherman’s (a broadcast meteorologist to be technical) response to Heidi.

I personally thought the man made some good points. Especially the one about the money trail…

By the way, does the fact that it snowed in Malibu have any bearing on any of this? Or is this an anomaly?


One Response to What can a Weatherman tell us about “Global Warming”?

  1. I can disagree with you about some things. But I cannot agree with you more on this. I was just commenting to my neighbor today about this apparent “Global Warming”. What a joke. He’s wanting to move to Texas to get away from the cold…until the past few days weather there.

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