American Idol and Relativism

I cannot carry a tune. I know some music theory (as much as anyone who spent any time in band) and noodle around on the guitar as much as your average member of the male gender. For some reason that God only knows, He did not give me the gift of song. Because I am familiar somewhat with music theory, I know that music is governed by certain rules.

Someone forgot to tell many of tonight’s American Idol contestants that music is governed by certain rules that they can’t abide by. Many of these fine folk walked out of their auditions thinking they got shafted by the judges and even bringing into question the judges’ ability to discern talent.

A familiar complaint made by vanquished contestants was, “What do they [the judges] know, I know I can sing!” It was obvious to Simon, Paula, Randy and Jewel as well as the rest of us that they most certainly could not. We know because music is governed by certain rules that these contestants can’t quite meet. The fact that they believe that they can is irrelevant when faced with the absolute truth of the rules of music. Some people can’t sing, myself included, regardless of their belief in themselves.

A common worldview nowadays is relativism. What’s right for you is right for you and what’s right for me is right for me. This is rubbish. If this is not the case in a minor thing like music why would it not be the case in the grand scheme of things? There are some things that are always right and some things that are always wrong. The universe is governed by certain natural and moral laws, that is a solid fact.

True relativism is madness. Whether one believes that the standard was set by evolutionary fiat (and this point of view has its major flaws) or by Divine fiat, there is quite frankly no other way that makes sense of the universe we live in.

One can believe that relativism is true in theory but no one lives their life like that. The fallacy of this worldview is proven by this simple statement, “There is no absolute truth.” It in itself an absolute statement…


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