3 days, 3 birthday parties, NO FEAR

Last Friday, January 12 marked the one year anniversary of the birth of our son. With apologies to my friends in the Watchtower Society, we not only had one party for the boy, we had 3.

My wife and I had a small gathering for family Friday night. Saturday afternoon we celebrated with the consummate Chuck E. Cheese party for family and friends. Last but certainly not least my parents decided to throw their first and only (so far) grandson a bash worthy of any Mexican abuelos. (Yes I know we’re in America but you English-only folk keep in mind that you will be the minority in about 50 years or so…)

We are glad we “survived” the 3 parties and are also grateful to all those who attended either one of the 3. We especially are grateful to God for the gift that our son is and the joy he has added to our lives. Whereas once I could not imagine being responsible for another human being, I do not remember what it was like before he was with us.

Before I get too devotional, I will say one thing. Being a parent has clarified some things for my wife and I. We love our son very much yet our love for him pales in comparison for the Father’s love for His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ.

Yet God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, so that whoever believeth in Him shall be granted eternal life and not perish. That folks, is the good news and truly should give us pause before we get anxious over silly things like ‘surviving’ a couple of birthday parties…


One Response to 3 days, 3 birthday parties, NO FEAR

  1. neilaquino says:

    All I ask after any visit to a Chuck E. Cheese is that you wash your hands very well. I can’t drive by one of those places without feeling I’ll come down with strep-throat.

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