Traveling Troupe trounced in ‘tolerant’ San Francisco

San Francisco California has prided itself and long been known as the epicenter (no seismic pun intended, Cali) of “progressive thought”(a phrase that has lost all proper meaning). The citizens of this fair city consider themselves among the most enlightened and free thinking of people in all of the land. The city is also home to a substantial homosexual population lending some to drop(unjustly, perhaps) the “Sodom and Gomorrah” label on San Fran.

Knowing the city’s reputation for ‘tolerance’ (the destructive version of it) I was shocked when I read this story. Apparently, a group of singers from Yale were attacked for committing a capital offense in this ‘enlightened’ city. Did they ransack a bong store? Did they protest the city’s obsession with liberalism? Did they set fire to known homosexual hangouts? Did they try to recruit for the military? Nay, I say, their grave offense was far worse than these trifling things. Their crime was singing “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

Apparently a crime so heinous as to merit a beatdown in the place that gave us Rice-a-Roni and “Full House”. The most shocking part of this sordid affair was what the assailants called the Yale students. In San Francisco, a haven for homosexuals, some of the assailants called the Yalies hideous things like “faggots” and “homo”. How is this possible? I can guess that the use of these slurs will cause more outrage in the city than what was done to the Yalies, but that’s just me…

(H/T: Drudge)


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