Interstate Love Song to Charlie Weis from Scott Weiland

The now defunct band Stone Temple Pilots (STP) figured prominently in the 1990s and thus my formative years. While not as influential to me personally as Pearl Jam (a band STP was often confused with), STP left its mark on my musical conscience.

Why bother mentioning STP? Well former lead singer Scott Weiland (currently with supergroup Velvet Revolver) is in the news. No not for another sad bout with the addictions that have plagued him throughout his life (and might have contributed to the demise of STP) but for a letter he reportedly sent to Notre Dame head football coach, Charlie Weis. The letter urges Weis not to leave Notre Dame for NFL pastures.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. What can the head football coach (and a highly respected one) at a Catholic university and Mr. Weiland possibly have in common? Well it’s not eyeliner or recreational drugs. Turns out, according to the letter, Weiland is a huge Notre Dame football fan, his old man graduated from Notre Dame.

Yeah I always suspected it, Touchdown Jesus, the Golden Dome, a perennially overrated football program and Scott Weiland, they just go together.


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