A testimony from a former Muslim

Found this on the web after googling “turkish biology books” (don’t ask). It is the testimony of a Turkish woman who converted to Christianity from Islam. I love reading other people’s stories of how Jesus revealed Himself to them.

I found it most interesting because one aspect of her experience mirrored my own conversion: Picking up a Bible in an effort to debate Christians. This what she says:

If you are going to fight against something, you need to know it well, so I asked them to give me a Bible. Knowing that I would find contradictions and inconsistencies, I started to read it. However – and there’s really no other way to describe it – a miracle happened! Each day, the words brought more and more peace to my heart and hope for my life.”

Interestingly enough she also describes a recurring dream she had starting at age 12 and continued for years. After her conversion she realized that the dream was God’s way of calling her. Why? Because after submitting to Jesus she stopped having the dream.

This is interesting because Prof. Mark Moore of Ozark Christian College has talked about how God is calling people to the Kingdom throughout the Muslim world through dreams.


One Response to A testimony from a former Muslim

  1. storbakken says:

    The man (sorry I forget his name) who translates Billy Graham’s work for the Arab world recently spoke at my church and he also talked about these dreams. Dreams have been a recurrent theme in my own life personally. After Christmas my grandfather and I shared a dream. We awoke and told each other about it and were amazed. Thanks for your post. And God bless.

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