Gators crush Buckeyes in a stunner

This is the year of the teams clad in blue and orange. The University of Florida Gators beat the Ohio State Buckeyes on the same field the blue/orange clad Boise State Broncos pulled out an unlikely victory against the Oklahoma Sooners. Despite the Buckeyes being heavily favored the Gators put a beating on the #1 team in the land.

So now you have one remaining undefeated team in the country, the Boise State Broncos who won’t get a shot at their blue/orange counterparts. How great would that matchup be? Thanks BCS for your infinite wisdom and applying it to robbing the college football landscape with a true national champ.

I guess Troy Smith isn’t the next Vince Young after all. It might have hurt Smith that his coaches tried to turn him into a pocket QB when the man obviously has some mad mobility.

Added mobility might have helped him avoid the rush tonight against a voracious Florida D-line. Tressel and his crew should have just let the man do his thing, like the UT coaching staff did with VY. Then again Smith isn’t Vince by any stretch of the imagination and that despite Mr. Smith’s Heisman trophy.


7 Responses to Gators crush Buckeyes in a stunner

  1. Matt says:

    Florida would annihilate Boise State. The Broncos played a far inferior schedule, and recorded all of one quality win (which was the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma where they blew it in the second half but still won in overtime). Florida won the toughest conference in the nation and then won the national championship over a team that most people thought was easily the #1 team in the country. Boise State may be 13-0, but until they play quality teams on a regular basis, they have no place in the national championship discussion.

  2. Laz says:

    Florida might annihilate Boise State, no argument there based on what we saw last night.

    Of course, Matt, this is what Ohio State was going to do to Florida. This is the reason they play the game man. Until it gets settled on the field, there’s no way to say who would beat who. To quote Herm Edwards, “you play to win the game…” Actually Dennis Green might be better, Florida “was who we thought they were..”

    In a stronger conference, Boise State might not go undefeated but until they get placed in one there’s no real way to know for sure is there?

  3. Matt says:

    I can’t really argue with that; the games are played on the field and not on paper. However, I just think the talent gap between Florida and Boise State would be miles wider than the talent gap between Florida and Ohio State or between Oklahoma and Boise State.

    Unfortunately, without a playoff at the I-A level, we can never know the answers to some of these questions. However, my main point is that, if we are forced to use the current system (which is probably the next-best alternative to a playoff) of the BCS, then Florida vs. Ohio State was the most appropriate, two-team match-up for the national championship that we could have been given.

  4. Laz says:

    Of course then you could be a Notre Dame fan that believes that the Irish belong in the title game by virtue of being Notre Dame…

  5. chuck norris says:

    Before you guys keep saying Boise would get crushed by Florida, here is an analogy you can think about. Boise State crushed Oregon State who beat USC who crushed Arkansas who crushed Auburn who worked, guess who, thats right Florida. So there, Boise State, nat’l champs

  6. Laz says:

    easy, Chuck. Chances are the Gators would crush the Broncos but chances don’t play the game. Chances were that the Buckeyes were going to overpower the Gators and look what happened…

    Truth is we’ll never know because the Gators and Broncos won’t get to play each other. That is the system’s fault.

    I would love to see that matchup but we never will.

  7. UpChuck says:

    Chuck, sorry to say it but your full of it. Just because you beat a team who beat a team who beat another team does not make you a champion. Everyone of Boise States wins were to an unranked teams (at the time of the games). A couple of the teams were ranked in the 100’s. When you put 10-12 losing teams together and call it a conference someone has to win more than the rest and become the conference champion. Congratulations on your quality win.

    The WAC is nothing compared to the Southeastern Conference. It is delusional to think that the WAC has near the talent that the SEC does. Out of all times that Boise State has played the SEC they have only won once. South Carolina beat them by 19 points, Georgia beat them by 38 points, Arkansas beat them and on and on.

    Be greatful you had a good year and won your bowl game. Boise State is not National Championship material. Join a real conference, play a tough schedule and maybe one day you will get there.

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