Marvin Harrison, a pro’s pro

In today’s NFL we are accustomed to seeing the displays of attention-starved wide receivers (Terrell Owens being the posterchild). Such sophomoric spectacles garner all the attention but in reality have little substance. The zany touchdown celebrations or the ridiculous off-the-field antics of some of these guys, have tarnished the position, and thus given wide receivers a bad rep as the game’s worst prima donnas.

Then there is Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver Marvin Harrison. I can’t recall ever seeing this guy conduct an interview. He and Peyton Manning are the most prolific QB-WR tandem in NFL history yet Harrison remains humble, a complete shift from his counterparts on other teams.

Harrison reminds me of NBA great John Stockton. One of the best at what he does yet does not advertise it with narcissistic displays of emotion.

Nunyo Demasio of Sports Illustrated interviewed the elusive Harrison and the piece impressed me quite a bit. Left me wishing for more guys like Marvin and less guys like Owens and his ilk.

Thanks Marvin…


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