Climate Scientists and Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson tends to make predictions (based on politics) which do not come true. He has this in common with some climate scientists, who also make predictions regarding the climate of our fair planet based on political agendas.

We all remember after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, dire warnings were given by some among this group of highly educated individuals. Predictions were made that 2006 would be the worst year on record when it comes to hurricanes. The good folks who made these predictions were scientists who have a political ax to grind when it comes to ‘global warming’.

Well 2006 came and went and there was no tsunami as Mr. Robertson predicted and the record setting hurricane season never materialized.

Why do I bring this up? Because British climate scientists are making a prediction about the coming year. Supposedly 2007 will be the warmest year on record (with a 60% probability of course). We’ll see where this goes when 2007 ends.

This post is not intended to be a critique on global warming. I cannot possibly tell if ‘global warming’ is a real phenomenon or just something conjured up by politically motivated ex-Vice presidents and the experts he employs.

If global warming is real and we’re driving (no pun intended) the earth’s climate into the ground, what’s the big deal? Doesn’t the earth allegedly do this every thousands of years or so? Isn’t it just part of the natural culling out process? Maybe it’s our time to go like at one point it was the dinosaurs’ time to go. “Let us let Nature run its course, no?”

After we turn the earth into a living hell, then the organisms that best adapt will survive and that will be that.


4 Responses to Climate Scientists and Pat Robertson

  1. Darmok says:

    If you are unable to tell, there are several ways to easily rectify that. Taking a look through peer-reviewed science journals would be the most rigorous. Easier to understand would be a reputable popular science magazine, like New Scientist or Scientific American. In fact, New Scientist has a nice summary of climate change on their web site as well as a recap of 2006 and the environment in general.

    Yes, there have been warming periods before. However, many people feel that we should fight for our survival, especially since we are creating this warming period ourselves. Even if the Earth continues to warm, humans won’t necessarily go extinct, but we’ll probably lose the ability to maintain civilization as we know it.

  2. Laz says:

    Dar, that’s the whole issue. Scientists are not in agreeance as to whether or not catastrophic global warming is occurring. Just think to the hurricane prediction, how can we believe them when these predictions don’t come true? Same reason I cannot take Pat Robertson seriously. Not every scientists believes (dangerous word) that global warming is taking place, so which ‘expert’ to believe?

    I’m familiar with the journals you mentioned. I read them quite often, we get them at work every week or month whatever the case it might be. Scientific American is not a journal but one of the most blatant examples of propaganda I have read. Not that some articles in Science and Nature are not but they’re a bit more impartial. Admittedly, I don’t usually peruse the ‘environmental’ articles.

    Civilization as we know it is as good as it gets right? Of course we’re not sure if we are causing this ‘warming’ ourselves are we?

  3. freevolition says:

    My thoughts on global warming:
    Cyclic climate changes have been taking place on this planet for eons, long before the industrialized world ever existed. I once watched a program on the discovery channel some time ago that demonstrated how much elephants impacted their environment. They are capable of pushing trees over to eat the leaves, and will gradually change forested areas into savannahs. If we could magically remove all human life from the planet at this very moment, I still believe the earth would continue to go through these dramatic climate changes. But I will concede that our presence here probably contributes and/or accelerates these changes.

    As to my thoughts on Pat Roberston’s “so-called” prophecies… *rolls eyes* hmmmmppphhh

  4. Darmok says:

    Please don’t mistake your own confusion for confusion in the scientific world. If you have references for climate scientists who do not believe that global warming is occurring, feel free to supply them. I did not assert that Scientific American was a journal. If you do not approve of it, consider looking at the New Scientist summary I mentioned above. No, I do not believe our current civilization is as good as it gets, but I feel that abandoning civilization would be progressing in the wrong direction. And yes, we’re quite sure.

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