Vince Young wins AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

VY added another notch to his belt by winning the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. Critics of my fellow Longhorn pointed to his quirky throwing motion and slower college football players as reasons why VY wouldn’t be able to sparkle in the NFL. Even after some of his best moments this season one highly vocal critic still remained, ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge.

Hoge made some pretty astounding comments regarding VY.  Mr. Hoge stated that the Titans (in their play calling) didn’t highlight their QB but hid him. It’s hard for me to see how a hidden QB can win Offensive Rookie of the Year, maybe Merrill can explain it to the rest of us.

The best VY moment this season was when he beat the Texans in overtime with a 39 yard run reminiscent of his college days. Incredibly enough Hoge, after reviewing some film, pointed out that a real NFL QB would have passed the ball to a wide open receiver. Nevermind that VY’s run won the game, besides VY isn’t an NFL QB, he seems to be beyond that…

Surprisingly enough, a Houston Texan won Defensive Rookie of the Year.  It wasn’t first overall pick Mario Williams but 2nd round pick, DeMeco Ryans.  Congrats to him, I look forward to watching him play for many years.  To think, the Texans could have had VY and DeMeco.

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